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Grieving after the loss of a Job is a natural response. It can be extremely difficult for people who have spent years dedicating their effort, energy and time into their career. The effects of the loss can be subtle and unrecognizable. Navigating through these times can be difficult without guidance.

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We serve married, common law, life long partners, and unmarried couples. Who are seeking grief management for the loss of these relationships.

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The Five Stages of Grief After Losing a Job

​While you may think you shouldn’t “grieve” the loss of a job, this could not be farther from the truth. Job loss grief is natural. After all, losing your job is among the top five life stressors a person can experience.



During times of unpleasant circumstances our survival instincts take over. Most times we are in a state of disbelief. This state of mind is just a way for us to cope with the current circumstance. While faced with this situation give yourself time to process the news and grasp your reality. However, don’t dwell too long.



You may begin to reflect on the great things you’ve done for the company, how you worked harder in comparison to other colleges and how the company will regret ever letting you go. Be careful, while it is normal to feel angry, this emotion can become unhealthy and will not help you during your future plans.



Some people’s reaction when feeling hopeless is to start bargaining. During times of loss, like losing a job, you may feel desperate. However, you do not want to bargain your way into a bad situation. It may be enticing to negotiate with your employer to stay on, when it is simply your time to move forward.



As you move through the stages, you may feel ready to start your job search. While you may feel ready, grief may still persist. Especially during the times where you’re applying for new job opportunities and you may not get the first nor ninth offers. You may start to feel the pressure of the world and start to feel discouraged. However, while this is your current circumstance it is healthy to remind yourself that it is temporary, you are of worth, and you will get through this.



During this stage you’re giving up a negative way of thinking. You’ve come to accept the current circumstance as temporary and can let go of the past to look forward to your future. Once you’ve acknowledged your ability to move forward from the loss, you can advise in your job search with a positive attitude and land a job better suited for you.

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