During the divorce process different emotions like, denial, shock, bargaining, even relief will arise. Some of these emotions may become unmanageable while dealing with your day to day activities. Having guidance during those moments can make your process easier.

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We serve married, common law, life long partners, and unmarried couples. Who are seeking grief management for the loss of these relationships.

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The 6 Emotional Stages of a Divorce

​Many emotions may come up when you are going through a divorce, and you will likely need support to get through the painful process.



Accepting that you are in the middle of a divorce can be difficult. During this time you may feel emotional imbalance or overwhelmed. You may even believe that there is something you can do to get your partner back.



It’s not uncommon for you to start reflecting on how much time you’ve invested in your marriage and family. Thoughts of separating from a person you’ve built a routine around can create anxiety or panic and even be disoreating.


Contrasting Emotions

At one moment you may feel hope and another you may feel nothing but despair. It is common to try and make sense of all that has happened leading up to this point. You may also find that all you think about is the failure of your marriage.



During this stage you may still be hopeful that your marriage will work out and be willing to do anything to change yourself, just make things work. You might even resort to drastic measures just to get their ex to change his or her mind. At this point it is best to understand that you cannot control the feelings of other people. Bargaining only delays the harsh reality of divorce.


Letting Go

When you understand that nothing you say or action will bring your marriage back, you stop blaming your ex-spouse and start to understand your faults and what contributed to the end of your marriage. You may also feel a sense of freedom and a better outlook about what the future holds for you. You can finally let go and move on.



During this stage negative emotions finally stop. You feel more confident to lead a life that is filled with happiness and satisfaction. This stage is a time period of growth. You will have acknowledged that there are more positive things to look forward to in your life.

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